Tyler head shot.jpg

Name: Tyler Cohen

Where do you live currently? Jericho, Vt.

What's your regular gig? Managing Editor at Backcountry Magazine.

Most stoke-filled moment in your life to date? Mountain biking through a desert in central Turkey at sunset. It’s probably what riding on Mars would be like.

What role does adventure play in your life? If I’m not working or sleeping, I’m probably on some kind of adventure.

What's the wildest mission you've been on? Last winter, I chased extreme skier Andreas Fransson around Chamonix for three days. Literally every few hours, I found myself skiing or climbing into some situation I’d never experienced before.

Who are the three most influential people in your life? Both of my parents and my sister. They put more passion and energy into whatever they’re doing, outdoors or not, than I could ever hope to.

Where do you go/what do you do to spark creativity? Creativity usually comes from a lactic-acid- and energy-gel-induced haze an hour or so into a bike ride.

Do you prefer the urban lifestyle or rural living? I live on a dead-end dirt road in northern Vermont, so....

What's the best story you've ever written and/or published? That profile of Andreas Fransson. I was gripped the whole time I was writing it.