Name: Randy Elles

Website: www.randyelles.com

Hometown: Killington, Vermont

Where you live currently: Winters in Vermont, Summers in New York City.

What's your gig at StokeLab? Art Director

Top three places you want to visit during winter? Japan for the powder, Switzerland for the food, and Austria for the après.

What's the oldest Burton snowboard in your family's shop? The oldest snowboard we have at the Board Barn is a 1981 Burton Backhill signed by Jake Burton himself.

Best place to get stoked in Manhattan? Nothing beats a sunset stroll down the West Side Highway; people are out biking, running, skating, smiling and laughing. It's the one place in Manhattan that makes me truly happy no matter how hectic life gets.

Most famous person you've seen on the subway? Famous people don't ride the subway and if they do, you have to ask yourself if they're really that famous? I've seen a lot of famous people walking around the streets of Soho and Tribeca. My favorite moment was when I sat across from Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) for dinner at the Spotted Pig.

Where do you find your design inspiration? I find inspiration when I travel with my camera. I love to photograph old signage, architecture, raw textures, and the people I meet along the way. 

What is the art of stoke? Seeing one image that makes you drop your phone, ditch your job, and get outside.