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Name: Mike Horn

Hometown: I'm originally from Lowell, Mass. but have lived in Crested Butte, Colo. for most of the last 13 years.

What's your gig at StokeLab? I'm one of the founders and a "word guy." For the most part that entails writing, editing and ranting about one idea or another. I spend a lot of time developing content for our social channels as well.

Strangest job ever held? Well, there was that time I got paid $100 to wear a life-sized Lamb Chop sock-puppet costume and stand outside a diner all day....

Favorite tequila and why? Don Julio 1942. I first tried it while bartending at a tequila bar in Crested Butte—we had 100-plus bottles of tequila behind the bar and nothing touched the toffee-vanilla deliciousness of the 1942. Best served neat in a snifter.

20" powder day or tacky singletrack? I’m addicted to pow. I love riding singletrack, but I don’t fiend for it the same way.  

Grittiest lesson learned growing up in Lowell? Never underestimate desperation.

True or false: you once had a stray iguana named Maniac for a pet? True. Back in the Lowell days my roommate's mom found a half-starved vicious-as-hell iguana discarded in a pile of street-side garbage. We would let him roam the house during parties and he would attack people as if he were a Komodo dragon. First he'd look at you all wild-eyed and then tear across the room. Any unprotected appendage was fair game. He'd bite down on a finger and shake his head violently back and forth to try and tear off some meat. Someone even pulled a gun on him once out of sheer terror—true story.