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Name: Justin Cash


Hometown: Woodstock, Vermont

What's your gig at StokeLab? First and foremost I'm the team cook, even for the vegetarians among us. Other than that I am the full-time photo editor, part-time site coder, part-time editorial director, old-school snowboarder, YouTube celebrity and most importantly: the Drink Doctor.

What would your career be if you weren't a photographer? Professional calf model or dairy farmer.

Where's the best breakfast in Vermont?  This could be debated for hours but there was this tiny diner in an old farmhouse in West Wardsboro called Cindy's. They made the best breakfast sandwiches. I know because I asked the cook if they made the best breakfast sandwiches, and he said yes. Unfortunately, I think they closed a few years ago.

What year did you get your first "snowboard certification?" And from where?  First cert was from Magic Mountain, Vermont. If I were to guess I'd say '86. Had to pass a test and everything. That's the pic above.  Haven't aged a bit.

Favorite photo you've never published?  That's a tricky question.  Since I'm the photo editor here, I suppose I could run any shit ass photo of mine I wanted. Even if the other partners questioned the image, I'd just say it's "artistic" and they'd let it go.