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Name: IJfke Ridgley  

Website: www.ijfke.com

Hometown: Kaneohe, Hawaii

Where you live currently: Barka, Oman

Most stoke-filled moment in your life to date: Riding camels through the Sahara at night in Morocco. 

You're a bit of a world explorer -- how did you end up on that path? My parents have always been keen on traveling and living abroad and I definitely caught the travel bug from them. Now I just feel the need to keep on moving and seeing new places, even if it is not always the most responsible choice!

What countries have you visited? Generally I try to forgo shorter vacations for living abroad for longer periods of time. So far I have been lucky enough to live in Spain, Bali, Curacao, Oman, and The Netherlands, though some of the best times were had on vacations to Costa Rica, Morocco, and Uruguay. 

How do people in Oman get their stoke on? I think everyone can agree that a day in the wadi (oasis/ swimming hole) is a day well spent - regardless of your activity level.

Is there trail mix in Oman? No, they've got something better.  All Omanis always have a supply of the ultimate superfoods with them: bitter, black Omani coffee and dates. There are more date palms than people in Oman!

Piece of advice for travelers looking to explore and experience new places? Don't let the cost of travel defer you. It is always doable with some research, a sense of adventure, and an eye open for unusual opportunities.